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We come from the world of telecommunications and military intelligence.

We detect, locate, and remove all kind of audio bugs, hidden cameras, audio recorders and GPS trackers. We also make your meetings safe by scrambling audio recordings and jamming hostile radio frequency signals. Find out what we can do to protect yout interests.


Áreas & Keys.

We are professionals in intelligence, electronics and communications fields. Appart from that, we are private investigators, security managers, and qualified security trainers. Know our most important keys that makes the difference.


Our training is universitary, (Naval Radioelectronic Engineering, B.Sc), widened with postgraduate degrees in design and implementation of networks (Cisco Systems) and supplemented with specific training in mobile cybersecurity (INCIBE), which allow us to have a global view of almost any threat.


We have more than eleven years of experience in telecommunications multinational corporations, as part of technical projects (implementation, deployment and operation) of nationwide security and safety networks. We also have experienced staff comung from the intelligence community.


Our TSCM Audits are not only focused exclusively on locating and removing all kinds of technically-sourced attack vectors, but we also examine site location, structure and business operations prior to the TSCM works, in order to obtain a global view of the problems and apply appropriate solutions.


We have specific and specialized technical equipment for TSCM audits, but we also make extensive use of professional range, lab-grade equipment, that allows us to detect, isolate, report, and characterize all types of signals in nearly any way capable of transporting information.


In addition to our technical training, we also have professional qualifications as Security Managers and Private Investigators. We carry out, if required by our clients, a meticulous assessment of security risks - technical, human and organizational - that are usually associated with static or "in motion" scenarios.


Our vision is not only active, locating technical attack vectors, but we also act pre-emptively and reactively, creating safe spaces and rooms protected from surreptitious audio recordings and hostile transmission of radio frequency signals that could seriously compromise your corporate interests and privacy.


Our means & instruments.

These are just a part of the different techniques and means that help us to locate, isolate, characterize and neutralize technical-driven attack vectors.

Radio frequency spectrum analysis

Mediante el uso de analizadores de espectro profesionales de laboratorio, podemos capturar y analizar hasta la señal de radiofrecuencia más débil y corta en el tiempo. Contáctenos

Infrared termography

Con la técnica de la termografía infrarroja somos capaces de detectar la huella térmica de los dispositivos electrónicos que se encuentran escondidos. Contáctenos

Non linear junction detection

Mediante el uso de dispositivos conocidos como "detectores de uniones no lineales" podemos detectar dispositivos electrónicos, aunque éstos se encuentren dentro de una pared, mueble o moldura. Contáctenos

Network & line inspection

Disponemos de equipamiento de laboratorio para detectar, aislar y caracterizar cualquier señal presente en líneas y cables, aunque se encuentren en servicio o bajo tensiones de hasta 220 voltios. Contáctenos

Physiscal inspection

Es la parte más importante de una auditoría TSCM. Donde los equipos no llegan, nuestra experiencia y pericia entran en juego para ofrecer los mejores resultados. Contáctenos

Technical threats

Disponemos de equipos y software apropiado para el análisis de protocolos de red. No sólo nos limitamos a encontrar dispositivos ocultos, sino que analizamos protocolos en búsqueda de actividad sospechosa vía software. Contáctenos

Our key

"Our training and equipment makes the difference. But, avobe all, our dedication and discretion."

Messaging & Social.

Secure messaging platforms & social media.


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